Annabelle Canning

  • served as Vice President, State Tax Policy at Verizon Communications, and Assistant General Counsel, Federal and State Tax Policy at Verizon Wireless. While at Verizon/Verizon Wireless, she was instrumental in numerous Federal and state tax reform initiatives, including successful efforts to develop and enact the Mobile Telecommunications Sourcing Act, to extend and expand the Internet Tax Moratorium to all forms of broadband access, and to repeal the Federal Excise Tax on wireless communications services, as well as current efforts regarding the Cell Phone Tax Moratorium and to provide a national framework to prevent unfair taxation of Digital Goods and Services.
  • previously served as Vice President and Legislative Counsel at the Council On State Taxation (“COST”), the leading trade association representing large, multistate businesses regarding state tax issues. At COST, she led numerous state tax legislative reform efforts. She also aggregated and presented the COST 50-State Study and Report on Telecommunications Taxation to the Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce established by the Internet Tax Freedom Act.
  • before that, she served as State Tax Counsel for Bell Atlantic, where she managed state tax legal matters, including legal analysis and controversy work, tax planning, and legislative initiatives for Bell Atlantic and Bell Atlantic Mobile.
  • has testified a number of times regarding tax legislation before Federal and state legislative committees and is a frequent speaker at national conferences on federal-state tax policy issues.
  • holds a B.A. in History from Dartmouth College, and a J.D. from the Georgetown Law Center, cum laude.